Monday 27 April 2020

Read 2020 - 43 - Split Tongues by Kristi DeMeester

The nightmares split open on my tongue. 

The doctor is old enough to fart dust...

Oh my goodness, when did I buy this delightful-looking chapbook? I've enjoyed many of Kristi DeMeester's short stories, and recall having missed out on buying her chapbook, and then, they announced there were some proof/extra copies for sale and I bagged one. Chapbooks by Dim Shores come (or at least the ones I've experienced have) with a print copy of the cover and stickers. Who doesn't love stickers? As the wee book is dated 2016, I'm guessing I purchased it later that year or early 2017. It came with a copy of the anthology Looming Low

Fantastic photography is provided inside and out by Natalia Drepina. Reminded me of an autumnal Midsommar.

The chapbook contains two short stories Split Tongues and The Dream Eater, and are connected in theme by dreams and tongues. These are a trippy journey through lost faith and disturbing romance.

Read the book in an hour or so while enjoying the April sunshine in the front garden.

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