"...a fusion of the monstrous and the miraculous, the two melding and throwing light onto each other with sparkling dialogue and larger than life characters." 
Peter Tennant, Black Static

Eddie Stock's heart dislodges from his chest when the girl he likes laughs at him. Well the girl he likes and his entire school year. Finding himself in a forest, which has mysteriously sprouted about his town, Eddie meets a man named Ghoate.

Ghoate collects hearts. They hang from his ceiling and they rot within his jars. Ghoate also collects minions and it appears Eddie is his latest recruit.

Elsewhere in the forest, a dead girl is waking. Rose Lovering's heart wasn't strong enough to allow her to live and isn't weak enough to end this living death.

Can Rose help Eddie regain his heart and save their town? And, can Eddie save her?

Published by Delirium Books, November 2011
Cover Art: Gak
Limited Edition Hardcover and e-book available at DarkFuse