Friday, 3 March 2017

Vicky's World

Many of you know I started a card business (The Handmaidens Tale) over on Etsy last year (still loving it) and it's doing far better than I expected. My study is suffering though as it is trying to balance my writing and my card making and is about the size of a wardrobe.
One of the joys of Etsy is discovering new artists and I am particularly interested in other card makers and regularly buy cards from other sellers. One I've discovered recently is Vicky's World and her artwork, mostly collages, is outstanding. The above piece is titled 'Flights of Fancy' and below are a few more examples of her extraordinary work.


Motherhood of the Monstrous

Due to the success of the Women in Horror Month project - Motherhood of the Monstrous - over at Ginger Nuts of Horror, Jim McLeod has decided to keep it as a regular feature. Today, my article 'Now Coward Soul is Mine' appears and features an author who influenced my writing and a writer to watch (hint: clue is in the book cover).

Last month, Laura Mauro kindly mentioned me in her article. A great honour especially as I'm a huge fan of Laura's writing.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Women in Horror Month - Ginger Nuts

It's February, it's Valentines Day, and my gorgeous husband's birthday, and my adorable niece and nephew's birthdays and the Wallet Moths are tearing at their paper wings.

February also means Women in Horror month and the wonderful Jim McLeod of Ginger Nuts of Horror is celebrating. Jim has invited a bunch of horror writers to write about the female writer who inspired them to write and a female writer who is publishing now that we should all take notice of. The series kicks off today with Nancy Kilpatrick who talks about Mary Shelley, Shirley Jackson and Tanith Lee, alongside Sandra Kasturi and Colleen Anderson. My article will appear some time this month featuring Emily Bronte, Enid Blyton and... (ooh, the suspense).

Other events:

Mark West will be publishing his Mixtape Blog Post where writers will be recommending horror stories by women. I will be wittering on there too.

Kevin Bufton will be hosting interviews with female horror writers. Yes, yes, I may be talking nonsense there too.