The Bureau of Them (reprinted - Snowbooks, 2016)
*nominated for a British Fantasy Award
When Katy sees her deceased boyfriend in the window of a derelict building, she finds a way in, hoping to be reunited with him. Instead, the dead ignore, the dead do not see and only the monster that is Yarker Ryland has need of her there
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Theatre of Curious Acts (Hadley Rille Books, 2011)
*nominated for 'Best Newcomer' British Fantasy Awards

Daniel Cole wants the world to end.

Returned home from the Great War, Daniel walks a ghost world. When players in a theatre show trap Daniel and his friends, fellow soldiers, on an apocalyptic path, they must battle the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, fate and their own demons.

Already broken by war, these men are now the world's only hope in the greatest battle of all.

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Barbed Wire Hearts  (Delirium Books, 2011) (Out of Print)
Eddie Stock's heart dislodges from his chest when the girl he likes laughs at him. Well the girl he likes and his entire school year. Finding himself in a forest, which has mysteriously sprouted about his town, Eddie meets a man named Ghoate.

Ghoate collects hearts. They hang from his ceiling and they rot within his jars. Ghoate also collects minions and it appears Eddie is his latest recruit.

Elsewhere in the forest, a dead girl is waking. Rose Lovering's heart wasn't strong enough to allow her to live and isn't weak enough to end this living death.

Can Rose help Eddie regain his heart and save their town? And, can Eddie save her?

In the Broken Birdcage of Kathleen Fair (Alchemy Press 2013)

Escaping the birdcage in which she's imprisoned is only the beginning of Kathleen's journey; on the other side of the mirror she'll have to evade the Devil, and the attentions of the perfume thief...

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This Foolish & Harmful Delight (Egaeus Press, 2013) *received an honourable mention in The Best Horror of the Year Volume Six by Ellen Datlow (short list)

A grotesque novella set in Hell and theatreland concerning love, death dismemberment and a mechanical heart.

Available as a limited edition hardback here


Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits (Strange Publications, 2010) (Out of Print)

Zombies, Robots and Monsters, oh my!
A collection of strange, surreal, and magical short fiction

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Shadow Moths (Frightful Horrors, 2016) (out of print)

A short e-chapbook containing two short stories.


Nowhere Hall (Spectral Press, 2011)

"We want to live...

In the ballroom, wallflower mannequins stretch theirfingers towards Ron. He can't ask them to dance. He's already waltzing with other ghosts.

Someone stole the world while Ron contemplated death. They packed it in a suitcase and dumped him in the halls of the ruined hotel, The Vestiblue. A nowhere place."

Limited Edition (of 100) Signed - SOLD OUT

The Sour Aftertaste of Olive Lemon (Bucket 'O' Guts Press, 2009)

“It is important to show no signs of madness even when the world about you is clearly insane…
Olive Lemon is determined to discover what lies beneath the polished veneer of her town.When the Mayor bans citizens from venturing into the grey streets of the neighbouring suburb,a tantalising place of tattoo parlours and screams, Olive’s world begins to snap apart like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.”

Limited Edition (of 50) - SOLD OUT (reprinted in Phantasmagorium)

Selected Short Fiction:

As Cymbals Clash in The Dark, December 2016 (Horror) (Reprinted in Paula Guran's The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2017)
Lightning Storm in an Umbrella in Lakeside Circus, January 2014 (Science Fiction)
Puppet Man in Daily Science Fiction, May 2013 (Magic Realism)
The Mechanical Heart of Him in Daily Science Fiction, July 2012 (Magic Realism) 
The Familiar Buzz of Gone in The Journal of Unlikely Entomology, May 2012 (Horror)
Through Bleached Bone in Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi, May 2012 (Fantasy)
Trench Foot in Fantasy Magazine, July 2009 (Fantasy)
And, the Bride Wore Ashes in Phantasmacore, March 2011 (Dark Fantasy)
Six Feet Above in Something Wicked, Dec 2011 (Horror)
In the Dark Hollow of a Caravan Someone Waits in This is Horror, April 2012 (Horror)
Exit Stage Life in Daily Science Fiction, Sept 2011 (Slipstream)
His Name Carved on Empty Space in Every Day Fiction, Sept 2011 (Dark Fantasy)
Postcard Wings above Blackpool Sands in Red Penny Papers, September 2010 (Surreal Fantasy)
Events at the Wigwam Rock Diner, Nevada in Dark Recesses, April 2010 (Horror)
Burying Sam in Every Day Fiction, June 2008 (Horror)


The Bone Cage Blues in A Miscellany of Death and Folly (Egaeus Press), 2019
The Mute Swan in Terror Tales of Northwest England, 2019
The Iron Curve of Thorns in The Woods (Hersham Horror), 2019
Dust Upon a Paper Eye in Mammoth Book of Halloween Stories (Skyhorse Publishing), 2018
Half-Girls in Nightscript IV, 2018
The Fullness of Her Belly in The Alchemy Press Book of Horror, 2018
The Gargoyles of Killfellenn House in Sherlock Holmes School for Detection (Robinson), 2017
Fragments of a Broken Doll in Dark Satanic Mills: Great British Horror 2 (Black Shuck Books), 2017 (Reprinted in Best British Horror 2018)
The Coyote Corporation's Misplaced Song in The Hyde Hotel (Black Shuck Books), 2016

In the Macabre Theatre of Nightshade Place in Postscripts, 2016
Too Delicate for Human Form in Fish (Dagan Books), January 2012
...and from the Tower she did fall in Burning with Optimism's Flames (Obverse Books), October 2012
Yellow Bird Strings in A Season in Carcosa (Miskatonic River Press), Summer 2012
Manipulating Paper Birds in Circus: Fantasy Under the Big Top (Prime Books), 2012
The Hollow Framework for the Cotton Man in PostscriptsOctober 2010 * Received an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year 2010 (long list)
Hand Scratched Note in Postscripts: Edison's Frankenstein (PS Publishing), December 2009
The Menagerie of Frozen Birds in Ice Picks (Rainstorm Press), April 2012
Dreams of a Ragged Doll in Attic Toys (Evil Jester Press), March 2012
The Scratch of an Old Record (short story reprint) in the Best of Necrotic Tissue, Oct 2011
House of Snowflakes in Full Fathom Forty, Sept 2011
The Shelf Life of Stars in While the Morning Stars Sing, July 2011
The Quiet of the Hour Glass in Poe Little ThingMarch 2011
The Meaning of Yellow in Triangulation: End of the Rainbow, July 2010
The Sound of Sharp Voices in The Tangled Bank, February 2010 
When the Cloak Falls in Dead Souls (Morrigan Books), October 2009 
Cold Coffee Cups & Curious Things in Malpractice (Stygian Publications), March 2009
The Graveyard of Dead Vehicles in WolfSongs, November 2008


Ghosts of Cathedral Towers (forthcoming Jan 2021) - KZine
Liesel (forthcoming Oct 2020) - TBA

When the Moon Man Knocks in Black Static - 2015 (Nominated for a British Fantasy Award)
The Drop of Light and the Rise of Dark in Black Static, March 2015
The Binding of Memories in Shimmer, February 2013
The Sour Aftertaste of Olive Lemon in Phantasmagorium, May 2012
The Scratch of an Old Record in Necrotic Tissue, June 2009 (won best story in issue)
Pretty Little Ghouls in Shock Totem, July 2010 
Flying Dutchmen in Space and Time Magazine, January 2011
Dead Green Glow in Kaleidotrope, April 2011
Treading the Regolith in M-Brane SF, April 2010 
Parasol Dance wih the Chalkstripe Man in Sideshow Fables, August 2009
Empty Box Motel in Emerald Tales, August 2009 
Old Songs in Midnight Street (Issue 1), Winter/Spring 2004