Saturday 18 January 2020

Read 2020 - 8 - The Matrix by Jonathan Aycliffe

Back in the 1990s (last century - mega old), I loved Jonathan Aycliffe's fiction. Mum loved his stories too. I think I read this book back then, but my mind is a sieve and things are always getting lost.

I don't normally re-read books (at least not in adulthood), but this was signed to me by the man himself.  One of the highlights of the World Fantasy Convention 2013, in Brighton, was getting to meet Jonathan Aycliffe, a lovely man who almost seemed to have stepped from another world. WFC wasn't my favourite con - too big and I felt lost half the time - but I'm glad I went, if only to meet Mr Aycliffe. It's shameful to say this book has been on my to-read-shelf since then, and underwent two house moves.

This one won't be going to the charity shop.

A side note: In 1998 one of my short stories appeared alongside a Jonathan Aycliffe story in the anthology Oktobyr '98 edited by my now-husband.

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