Tuesday 21 January 2020

Read 2020 - 9 - Crimewave

I bought CRIMEWAVE 12: HURTS from Roy Gray (at the TTA Press table) at a convention - I think it was Edge Lit, year unknown. It's definitely lingered on the to-read-shelf for a handful of years. Crimewave is a sister publication to Black Static and Interzone, but published infrequently.

Favourite stories this issue were Melanie Tem's Singularity, a gentle tale of vicious things. Joel Lane's excellent By Night He Could Not See, a story about the past coming back to haunt. The unnerving Unfinished Business by Christopher Priest,where a naked man watches and a debt is to be paid. For me, the best of this issue was Anthony Mann's The Simpson Frames a humorous tale and a quirky, disturbing character that I would love to read more about.

Somewhere in the dark depths of the Bestwick's study lurks Crimewave 13.

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