Thursday 16 January 2020

Read 2020 - 7 - We All Hear Stories in the Dark #25

Onto my seventh read of 2020.

In April, PS Publishing will be publishing Rob Shearman's 101 stories book We All Hear Stories in the Dark. For last year's Fantasycon, PS produced mini-chapbooks for five of the stories - beautiful wee editions, which I thought I'd missed out on. I wasn't at Fantasycon - woe is my tale. However, PS had some left over (how is this even possible?) and so I was lucky enough to pick up a set just after the convention. When random number generator (going to have to give him a name)... When Dom picked one of the chapbooks as my next read, I was delighted.


And it was delightful.

#25 - Petty Vengeance

Beautifully illustrated, this tale of a writing teacher and a critic, of revenge, grew gradually more and more disturbing, as is often the way with Rob's fiction. Highly recommended.

A delightful five stars.


You may note that number six is missing. Can't she count? I hear you declare. Well, not always, but in this instance it's because I only read half of the book. I suspect there will be several unfinished books this year - there often are.

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