Thursday 18 July 2019

If you...

The Hersham Horror Books anthology 'The Woods' was released last weekend at Edge Lit - Yay! - and contains my story 'The Iron Curve of Thorns'. I'm going to be doing a serious of small reviews on my blog to entice you to buy the anthology because it totally rocks. Trust me! I'm in it. :)

James Everington’s ‘A Short Walk Round The Woods’

“…the movement of hunting bats became visible, scouting the border where the turf ended and the shadows began.”

The woods are getting bigger.

New to the village, our protagonist, a man haunted by loss, develops a nightly routine of visiting the local pub and talking with a man who is obsessed with the woods.

An unnerving tale tinged with sadness and of how sorrow can trap us in many ways.

Check it out in The Woods, a new anthology from Hersham Horror Books.

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