Saturday 20 July 2019

Edge Lit 8 (All of the Books)

A week has passed since the awesomeness that was Edge-Lit 8 in Derby. We stayed over two nights this time in the fabulous Premier Inn at Riverlights, which meant that we got to meet up with friends on the Friday night at the Quad.

The following day I attended panels, one workshop (disclaimer - my husband's) and a non-reading, spent time in The Quad bar chatting with friends, went out for a meal with some of said friends, and attended the launch of the anthology The Woods, featuring my story 'The Iron Curve of Thorns'. I had to read. I had five minutes warning and I had to read. It wasn't the greatest performance in the world. It may have been the worst. I survived. I think the audience also did.

Next year, the event is two days. Yay!

Above is my book haul. I've already finished 'The Finite' and am half-way through 'The Woods'.

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