Monday 16 May 2011

The Girl Who Didn't Complete*

It's the 16th and so far this month I've written nine short stories (mostly flash) and have notes to turn one into something longer. After having a bad reaction to antibiotics last week (caused panic attacks), I took the weekend off to recouperate and watched movies for the first time in forever (Skyline - okayish if you're really bored but turn it off before you get to the last five minutes because then it just descends into farce; and The King's Speech which was actually rather good; and an old Columbo because he cheers everyone up). And now it's Monday, and I can't summon the will to write any more short stories this month.

Bad me.

I'm itching to edit the below and get to work on something longer. And as I'm my own boss (here at least), I'm going to do just that. *Although I so want to use this post's title for a story.

As the title of my first story says, 'Blow a Whistle, I'm done'.

Short Story Month Tally:

1. Blow a Whistle, I'm done (1876 words)
2. The Lies Moths Tell (1199 words)
3. The Handiwork of Commerce (1303 words)
4. Dreams of a Ragged Doll (929 words)
5. Tethered Rain Clouds (636 words)
6. Beneath Ceiling Dust and Skin (742 words)
7. 1986 (794 words)
8. The Spaceman's Halo (more a collection of ideas - 366  words)
9. In a Confined Space (1136 words)
10. The Girl with the Glass Heart (448 words)


Deborah Walker said...

Yep,it's hard to sustain that initial enthusiam. I'm still going.But,I have to ask myself, what constitutes a story? How rough can a draft be, and still count?

I like things like this.I can somehow trick myself into writing more. But in the end all that really counts is what you sub-- or dare I say it? -- what's accepted.

Anyhoo, the month's not over yet.

Deborah Walker said...

Plus, I like the sound of those title.

'The Lies Moths Tell' caught my eye. I need to read.

Cate Gardner said...

I have regressed to my original stance that attempting short story month is madness. :D Although, I have every faith in you.

Aaron Polson said...

I'm having write 1/sub 1 fatigue myself.

(I always watched Columbo when I was home sick from school.)

Cate Gardner said...

I can imagine. Subscribing to a whole years worth of madness is just... well, mad. I heart Columbo.

Katey said...

Dude, panic attacks will suck anyone's will to live, let alone write. (Let's just say I am intimately acquainted with the phenomenon, though not often compared to some, thank whatever gods are responsible.) Seriously love for you, there.

I do the same thing when I sink into the crazy--a word, by the way, that I am not using lightly. Movies really are very therapeutic. I rather liked THE KING'S SPEECH, myself!

But seriously, 10 short stories in a month? THAT would've given me a panic attack. You are amazing.

(And I say this with authority, doing my second run through the story you were so good as to send me today, and making my little notes in the margins for you. God, you are good.)

Michael Stone said...

When you announced your intentions to write a story every day through May I felt quite envious. I still do. You've got ten stories you didn't have before.

Sorry you've not been feeling too `well.

v-word: lerrab. It's how they store beer in the mirror dimensions.

Marty said...

Perhaps your goal should have been "A Title a Day" for a month ~ because with these excellent titles you would have SUCCEEDED! I am still amazed at your willingness to "Compete" even if you did not "Complete!" Your awesome effort is a far greater triumph than all of my good intentions.

P.S. I really do want to several of your short stories based on the Title alone.

Cate Gardner said...

I'm hoping they're a passing thing, Katey. Oh, and I love margin notes.

Thanks, Mike. They're far from the best stories in the world (in fact, I don't think they're even in the same galaxy) but hopefully I can fix them.

Thanks, Marty. I think I'll cheat and do a title month next time. :D

Lee Thompson/Thomas Morgan/James Logan/Julian Vaughn said...

You're quite awesome, Cate. Keep rocking. Can't wait to read your chapbook from Spectral.

Fox Lee said...

I hate to think of moths as liars. Their lives are already to frustrating.

Cate Gardner said...

Thanks, Lee

But they do get to flutter about the light, Natalie.