Wednesday 6 April 2011

WIP Wednesday - And Breathe....

I've finished editing my novella Barbed Wire Hearts for the moment. It's out for a beta read with two people who I am sure will tell me which parts are full of suckage or if the whole thing is full of suckage or if just I am full of suckage. I am almost blind from reading and rereading the story and although I'd swear there couldn't be a single typo, I bet there are some. Pesky blighters.

The market I wrote the novella for is closed until late summer/early fall, but I suspect I'll try somewhere else first. I have my eye on somewhere pretty and pretty impressive. Tie balloons to your arms and float as high as you possibly can (maybe I should work on this diet thing first or I'm gonna need an actual hot air balloon to lift me) and if an editor pops a balloon don't fret, climb onto a trampoline and you'll bounce right back up again.


In other news, I found out today that my senior school has been knocked down. :( In its honour, I'll post two pictures of me (gasp, horror) from my school days...

I'm the second one along from the left (or is that right)... I'm the one holding the book.
I've only had my hair cut short once in my life and this was it. Freaky.
I wonder what we're reading. I wonder if it's something I've written. (Yeah, right)

Ooh, me all grown up... Or so I thought.
True fact: I still look like this*

Goodbye Sacred Heart building. Does this mean I'm getting old now? Or is there no getting about it...?

*in this photo.


Aaron Polson said...

Great pics!

The tales those pictures tell, hmmm?

Keep dreaming big, Cate!

Cate Gardner said...

Will do. :D

Mary Rajotte said...

Ah, the elusive Miss Cate in her natural environment.


Tyhitia Green said...

Thanks for sharing the pics--and the encouragement. ;-)

No dream is too big for any of us. :-D

Fox Lee said...

Look at your cute little uniforms : )

Katey said...

Seconding Nat's love of the cute uniforms. Adorability!

Mmm Barbed Wire Hearts <3`

Michael Stone said...

My old school has a blue plaque above the front doors, dedicated to me, as do many buildings in SOT. Costs me a fortune putting them up but it's worth it.

Good luck with the novella, wherever you decide to send it.

Cate Gardner said...

Once upon a time, Mary.

Sure isn't, Tyhitia.

Ha! Natalie & Katey, I suspect there's not many Brits who would call school uniforms cute.

I've already commissioned the blue plaque for my childhood home, Mike. ;)

K.C. Shaw said...

Those are great photos! You were a cute kid. :)

Yay for finishing the novella!