Wednesday 19 January 2011

Write Hard: Writers Who Perspire (and I admire)

As per usual, Aaron Polson is in inspiring mode and has created a meme to celebrate writers who you believe live up to the "write hard" spirit (and hey, he nominated me - da fool). So now I have to nominate at least three writers which is pretty easy as everyone I know is awesome (and yeah, that includes you). Here be the rules:

When you win:

1. Post the picture above to your blog. You can link here if you want. It doesn't have to become part of the permanent clutter of your sidebar. Goodness no.

2. List at least three writers who you feel live up to the "write hard" spirit. Think: writers who work at their craft, writers who never give up despite the odds, writers who constantly turn out quality work. Writers you admire. Optional: explain why you think they are awesome.

3. Include these rules or a link to them.

4. Notify said writers of their victory. Ask them to pass on the torch.

5. Continue being awesome.

So here's a handful of people that both inspire me and who work very hard at this craft.

1. Natalie L Sin - if you've read Natalie's stories, you'll know why I'm nominating her for the award. She is kick-ass awesome and as much as we all love and adore (and often hate) our characters, I think she loves hers just a touch more. And most of the time fantasises about touching them more. ;) Look at the sidebar on her blog and the list of completed first drafts--sometime soon, Natalie's going to take over the world. Or if not the world, definitely Hong Kong.

2. Mike Stone - the hardest working, non-twittering guy on my block. Seriously, I don't know how he does it, but Mike doesn't allow the internet to distract him at all...Sometimes he even disappears for a week (maybe more). Plus, he'll go to battle for his words, and so he should.

3. Kate Shaw - Being a little Amazon ranking obsessed, I sometimes check out Kate's book 'Jack of all Trades' and feel a little frustrated that it hasn't garnered more attention. If you haven't yet picked up a copy, I insist you do. It blew me away (and made me chuckle - all good fiction should either make you wet your pants or make you chuckle or both). Another one who goes to bat for her fiction (and she's not afraid to try new things).

I of course also echo what Aaron said on his blog about the people he nominated they are all awesome (except for the first one he mentioned :D).


Michael Stone said...

*blushes* Oh, if only you knew. I might not Twitter but I waste way too much time on computer games.

But thanks, and right back atcha!

Cate Gardner said...

Well if I'd have known that Mike, I would have...still nominated you anyway. :D

Aaron Polson said...

Great picks, Cate. Write on. (Oh...I'm full of puns)

Tyhitia Green said...

I would definitely nominate you and Aaron both. ;-) You guys rock.

K.C. Shaw said...

Ooh, thanks! I'm proud to be in such august company. :)

Katey said...

As usual, your taste is impeccable :D