Thursday 25 March 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Clues

A weird conversation with my mum yesterday led me to thinking about how odd some of the things we throw into our stories are (though the below is far, far odder than anything of mine and possibly yours - in a good way) and how I should be careful how I describe them in a synopsis (or something equally as evil).

The below is her description of a film that she claimed I had 'claimed' to love, and for most of the conversation, my response was either 'poppycock', 'did I have a fever?' or 'that sounds like the worst film ever, it's like a thousand bad horror movie plots rolled into one.'

We'll start off with some things she got wrong about the movie...

It had the girl in it from that sci-fi show you used to like - Melrose Place I think (me, huh!), I mean Beverly Hills 90210.

To which we came up with Shannen Doherty - and nope she isn't in it (thank the lord) - which you will have already guessed. ;)

Now the truths of the plot:

- it was weird, odd, one of those strange things you like (narrow it down for me)
- there was a girl in old fashioned dress (Shannen Doherty?) - nod to confirm
- and at the end a baby fell off the roof (and I claimed it was good!!! That would so never be a good ending)
- there was a cave
- and a river
- there was a tower
- and they were in a burned out house
- the house was crooked and they went to live with the old woman who lived there
- they were trying to get away from a man who was after them
- there were things in the river and the boat sank
- there was a train accident
- and there were snakes
- it was originally a book, but it wasn't that Neil Gaiman

Now isn't that much better than her description...


Alan W. Davidson said...

I suppose all of those listed elements were in the movie. I loved the movie (does that make me weird?)

Cate Gardner said...

They were, and it does... Which is good, because we like weird people around these parts.

Kara McElhinny said...

I never saw the movie, but I read the books!

Weird and odd are good,in my world anyway!

Thanks for the laugh Cate (and to mom!) it's always was fun hearing how people describe things.

Happy writing

Cate Gardner said...

You so have to see the movie - it's what turned me onto the books.

Andrea Allison said...

sounds like my mom except she has a tendency to repeat herself.

Haven't seen the movie or read the books. First time for everything.

Katey said...

I read the first book and loved it-- don't know why I never bought the rest. *eyes To Read pile warily* Oh. Right. That.

I must see the movie, though!

Also, your mum sounds adorable.

BT said...

Argh! I'm at work and I cant see the picture/insert!

I still have no idea what you're all talking about...


Aaron Polson said...

Your mum is much more on target than mine. Mine would just say--"you know how I don't like that stuff you're into."

Fox Lee said...

Ah, mothers.

Cate Gardner said...

Andrea, I insist you watch and read them.

Katey, I read about the first 6 books (all of which I loved), but I started to get a little bored by the repetitiveness of them.

BT, And there was me thinking it was obviouis from the title.

Aaron, I force her to watch all manner of things - and she did become rather fond of Buffy (and of course loved Spike).

Natalie, :D

Jamie Eyberg said...

I have seen the movie, and was a bit disappointed that they didn't make the rest into movies as well. I have yet to read the books, but my wife has them all.

Danielle Birch said...

My mum just flat out refuses to watch anything dark.