Friday 24 August 2007

Wickedness, POTW and a Paper Doll

My short story A Winter Tale is now available to read on the Whisper of Wickedness website. Cool! And all very normal in my realm. That it's a horror story, not that my work appears on a website every other day.

Another short story The Paper Dolls has been chosen as one of the Picks of the Week on the Writers' Dock website, which I am extremely chuffed about. Horror again, of course.

And now onto the Paper Doll, of the above POTW story. You see the star of that story has decided she doesn't want to appear in a horror story, she wants to be the star of a novel read by children, and so I have spent the past week working on my first, hoping for more, little bit scary book for children, working title: 'Lucy Baxter, Percival Preston & The Evil Emporium. What is going on!!!

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