Sunday 2 September 2007

The Evil Emporium

Two weeks into writing THE EVIL EMPORIUM and it's shaping up with lots of twists and turns and hopefully quite a bit of humour and scare-your-pants off moments. Fourteen thousand words in and I am hoping for twenty-five thousand in total - which is early Lemony Snicket in length.

Here's an extract from the beginning, a taster if you like:

Old Man Jacob’s Emporium was the only shop in the town of Creaking Gate, and it was rumoured, that is tall tales had been told, that the shop didn’t sell anything that anybody would want to buy.

Now that is just ridiculous. And so, as all curious eleven year olds would do, Lucy chose to ignore that she was forbidden to enter or even look in the window of Old Man’s Jacob’s Emporium. She was going to discover the truth and see for herself what was stocked on the shelves of the shop nobody shopped in.

copyright Phoenix Rendell 2007

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bjbw said...

Sounds very interesting, Catherine. I'm looking forward to hearing more of this :) Best wishes,