Saturday 18 August 2007

The Deathwatch Maiden Screenplay

I've written a screenplay!!! Amazing, weird - huh, how'd that happen???

I have a vague recollection of attempting to write a few screenplays, about the time the Sci-Fi channel did a short screenplay comp for which I got a t-shirt and a little alien thing, but could only remember being unsuccessful in my attempts. This week I decided to dig around in my study and see if I could unearth them and found, to my astonishment, a completed screenplay for my novella 'The Deathwatch Maiden'. I totally forgot I had written it.

Also found another, unfinished and never to be finished, attempt titled 'A Vampire is Stalking Me', and it is seriously BAD!!!

I'm now in the process of typing up my Deathwatch Maiden screenplay, and then of course, Elstree here I come...

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