Monday 1 January 2007

My Books

A brief overview of the books I have completed to date and yes, I am seeking representation for some and trying not to trip over the file boxes containing the manuscripts for the others. Plus a piece of 'Word Art' (yes I was bored) to accompany each novel - containing characters, settings etc.


An MG Novel of 24,000 words.

Lily Sunday is not having a good eleventh birthday. Her father went out for a newspaper and hasn’t returned, her birthday party is cancelled and her mother is preoccupied with her new friend, Fyodor Lavoisier, and teeth. Oh, and thanks to a dodgy birthday wish, she is bundled into a car and left with her Aunt Beatrix in the town of Corpsetithe, where summer is winter and garden gnomes scare away beasts.

Her suitcase tries to eat her, a blizzard blows into the house, the woods are full of zombies known locally as Dead Feet, oh and she has to go to school. Lily very much wishes she could go back to being ten-years-old, but her friend Larry Bones’ time-shifting watch does not wind backwards.


An MG Novel of 20,500 words.

Seven paper dolls sit on a shelf at Old Man Jacob's Emporium where they have an excellent view of the girl made of paper.

Eleven year old Lucy Baxter had been stolen from the real world. In her quest to find a door back home, she must foil a diabolical plot, release outlaws from jail, escape from soulless paper dolls and bring down the scariest clown no circus will employ. And worse, the clown is masquerading as the Chief of Police.


Horror Novel of 54,000 words.

(Currently cut to just under 49,000 and under consideration as a novella).

No one leaves Blizzard Raven, and no one enters. Or rather, they didn't, not for decades, until Gil Graham and Bill Fitzroy stepped off the train under the watchful gaze of Stella Gregory.

It is a town full of monsters.

The vampire who at the death of his lover becomes the last of his kind. The filmmaker who wants to be a movie director and the cast he has dug from their graves. The girl, believed possessed by demons, who is just plain, bad, bad, bad. The temptress and the hotel who drain the life from men. The hit man who finds himself in a B&B that serves corpses for breakfast and where time is caught in a bloody loop.

Then we have our heroine, Stella Gregory, a mortal who wants to be anything but and whose boyfriend murdered his family.


A Horror Novel of 70,000 words.

Sandie Stafford tried to escape her stepfather's cult 'The Agrapha Brethen'. But not even death can stop Elijah Drogo and his son recrutiing.


A Horror Novel of 88,500 words.

Billy Mc Manus is dead, and buried with him is a town’s belief in their local seer, Cara Forsaith. It is a case of he died and they stopped listening. For when you fail to save the person you love, when he dies because you closed your eyes for a second, how can anyone trust you?


A Horror Novel of 141,000 Words.

The ancient Egyptians believed that powdered mummy had curative powers, Conrad Mendes discovers it has the power to bring the dead back to life.

Serena Tierney hates the word 'zombie'. She may have come back from the dead but she is 100% not brain dead. The same cannot be said for the people she murders.


A Macabre Comedy/Horror Novel of 95,000 Words.

The Grim Reaper exists and he has booked a room at the Midnight Motel.

Tobias Tribute has 24 hours to collect ten souls, retire and make his way through the pearly gates. No problem - or rather it shouldn't be. Of course, Tobias didn't expect to find a man with the proverbial nine lives and a girl who sees death, at the motel. And the dead don't normally fight back.


A Horror Novel of 54,000 Words

A crucifix hewn from the cross upon which St. Peter died in Rome. A family born to open the world for the return of demons. A family born to rid the world of this scourge.

It is a fine line man walks between sanity and madness as Callum Creosse discovers on the death of his father. Callum inherits the family business while across town Nia Trewen inherits a crucifix from her great aunt. Both the descendants of great families.

A priest is murdred. A mugger and his victim die in an alley. Nia Trewen is attacked and left for dead and Callum Creosse almost drowns in the River Maotte. Someone is about to cross the line dividing sanity from madness.

Oh, and lest we forget those early writing journeys... Here are two that will remain locked within their dusty files.




Danette Haworth said...

Wow! Lots of work represented on your list! I love "Last Seen Drowning"! That's an intriguing title!

Cate Gardner said...

This comment is a test. Please ignore. :)))))