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Publications 2008 onwards


The Sour Aftertaste of Olive Lemon - Chapbook
Publisher: Bucket 'O' Guts press ($6 US, $7.50 elsewhere)

It is important to show no signs of madness even when the world about you is clearly insane…

Olive Lemon is determined to discover what lies beneath the polished veneer of her town. When the Mayor bans citizens from venturing into the grey streets of the neighbouring suburb, a tantalising place of tattoo parlours and screams, Olive’s world begins to snap apart like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.”


Cold Coffee Cups & Curious Things in Malpractice anthology, March 2009
Lonesome Pine in Northern Haunts anthology, January 2009
The Restoration of Purple Curtains and Other Things in Northern Haunts anthology, Jan 2009
Through the Warped Eye of Death in Sand: Strange Tales Year One, December 2008
The Graveyard of Dead Vehicles in WolfSongs anthology, November 2008
Dead Parachutes in Bloody October anthology, October 2008
Bob's Spares & Repairs in the Help anthology, April 2008
The Shoes, the Giant, and the Wizard of... in the Strange Worlds of Lunacy anthology, 2008

Online Publications
Trench Foot in Fantasy Magazine, July 2009
A Blood-Spattered Letter from Mr. Grim in Everyday Weirdness, July 2009
Lonesome Pine in Flashes in the Dark, June 2009 (reprint)
Leviathan's Moving Theatre in Every Day Fiction, May 2009
Insomniac Ink in New Bedlam, April 2009
See Saw in M-Brane SF (issue 3), April 2009
The Man who wasn't a Man at all in Flash Scribe, March 2009
The Marionette Manipulator & The Headless Bride in 52 Stitches, March 2009
The Man who climbed out of a Suitcase in Flash Scribe, March 2009
Uncle Eric's Leather Bound Tale in Arkham Tales, February 2009
The Forest of Sepia Children in Three Crow Press, December 21 2008
The Flat-Packed Golfer inStymie (issue 1), November 2008
In the Dumpster King's Zip Code, in Macabre Cadaver (issue 4), November 2008
The Dreadful Guise of Red Berries in Allegory, September 2008
Burying Sam in Every Day Fiction, June 2008

Empty Box Motel in Emerald Tales, August 2009
The Scratch of an Old Record in Necrotic Tissue, June 2009 (won best story in issue)
Sneakers on Asphalt in Sand, June 2009
See Saw in M-Brane SF (issue 3), April 2009
Through the Warped Eye of Death Sand (issue 2)
Dead Bolt Twisted Dreams, October 2008

Publications 1993 - 2007

A Winter Tale online at "Whispers of Wickedness". 2007
Old Songs in Midnight Street (Issue 1), Winter/Spring 2004
A Thorn in Black Appeared in Black Petals (Issue 21), Halloween 2002
The Ratings Killer in 'Not for Bedtime' anthology 2001
At the Edge of Silence in Hidden Corners (Issue 3), September 2001
A Hollow Footstep in Kimota (Issue 14), Spring 2001 - also available on CD-ROM
Amidst a Winter Snow in Writer's Cauldron Christmas Special (Issue 10) 2000
Encounter in Book of the Dead (Issue 9), October 2000
Folly Beach in The Dream Zone (Issue 7), September 2000
The Exorcism in Planet Prozak (Issue 11), Summer 2000
Exodus in Book of the Dead (Issue 7), April 2000
A New Genesis in Sci-Fright (Issue 6) 2000
A Snip Too Far in Dead Things (Issue 2), Oct/Dec 1999
The Prophet in Unhinged (Issue 3) 1999
A Cuckoo in the Nest in Planet Prozak (Issue 8) 1999
As Though Strangers Passed (reprint) in Druscilla's Garden (Issue 8), September 1999
Searching for Demons in Book of the Dead (Issue 4), August 1999
A Man not a Mouse in Colonies (Issue 1) 1999
Fall of Liberty in Colonies (Issue 1) 1999
Exchanging Ivory for White in Voyage (Issue 5) 1999
Under a Familiar Sky in Tales of the Grotesque & Arabesque (Issue 4) 1999
Riding a Different Wave in Sci-Fright (Issue 3) 1999
Life Support in Lateral Moves (Issue 24) 1999
When Nature Ceases to Smile in Kimota (Issue 11) 1999
High Flying (reprint) in International Mag (Issue 7), July 1999
Beyond the Lens in Planet Prozak (Issue 6), April/May 1999
Waking Corpse in Book of the Dead (Issue 3) 1999
Magnum Opus in Unhinged (Issue 1) 1999
When Time is Called (reprint) online at The Inflated Graveworm 1998
Mistletoe, Holly & Ice in Planet Prozak (Issue 4), December 1998
Don't Scream in Sackcloth & Ashes (Issue 2), December 1998
Vivid Skies in Visions (Issue 13), November 1998
As Though Strangers Passed in Oktobyr 98 anthology, October 1998
Angelic Host in Hallowzene II anthology 1998
When Time is Called in Lateral Moves (Issue 21) 1998
Burning Photographs (poem) in Merseyside Arts Monthly 1998
The Flickering Flame in Tales of the Grotesque & Arabesque (Issue 3) 1998
In Denial in Lateral Moves (Issue 20) 1998
Skull-Ball Devils Planet Prozak (Issue 2), August 1998
Visions in Visions (Issue 9),January 1998
One Bite Too Many (reprint) Sierra Heaven 4 1/2 1998
In Attendance in Unreal Dreams (Issue 4), December 1997
Inferno in Oktobyr 1997
Empty-Headed in Utter Entropy (Part of Sierra Heaven) 1997
High-Flying in Lateral Moves 1997
Missing in Visions (Issue 7) 1997
Inhuman in Whispers From the Dark (Issue 17), May 1997
Stone-Hearted in Lateral Moves (Issue 12) 1996
One Bite Too Many in Braquemard (Issue 4) 1996
Shades of Black and White in Whispers From The Dark (Issue 16), Jan 1996
The Master Race in The Monster Factory (Issue 2) 1995
Seeing Red in Whispers From the Dark (Issue 15), Oct 1995
Out of Time in Inhibition (Issue 2) 1995
The Captive in Whispers From The Dark (Issue 14), July 1995
Funeral Pyre in Whispers From The Dark (Issue 10), February 1995
Murder Replay in Wits End (Final Edition) 1994
Invaders of the Mind (Poem) in Eastern Rainbow (Issue 4) 1994
Karma in Whispers From the Dark (Issue 6) 1994
In the Dark in Wits End (Vol 4, Issue 2) 1994
At The End, We Begin in Drakula Kiss (Issue 6) 1994
Bethany's Dream in The Banshee (Issue 5), October 1993

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