Sunday 1 July 2007

The Cotton Prophet - A Flash Short Story

Loving the website and urge all writers out there to sign up, especially if you lack motivation or have the dreaded writers block. I joined up a little over two weeks ago - already addicted.

On the Writers Dock site they post 'flash prompts' every day and you have within the next 24 hours to post a short story or poem using these words, and you must write the story within 90 minutes. A great way to give the imagination a kick.

Below is The Cotton Prophet - a short, short story I wrote last week using the flash prompts on the site.


Empty promises are hard to fill. Adam had walked the city centre streets for sixteen years. He had become an iconic figure of fun. Slogans from his placards graced t-shirts - 'Last Day', 'Somebody out There', 'Nothing Lasts Forever'.

He was defeated.

The world was at its end and woefully fought with Mario and Sonic for dominance of cotton. Mindless words for a brainwashed audience.

He had become the norm. Pointed out to visitors like an exhibit. A perfectly normal nut.

Toes clutched the pavement through the holes in his shoes as he stood at the railings. Moonlight dazzled against the grey waters of the Mersey. The whisper of the waves sprayed his words like graffiti against concrete.

As he slipped down into the murky water, as he came to rest at the bottom amidst beer cans, rusted iron and broken placards with his faith broken, his last thought...

What would the t-shirts read tomorrow?


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