Thursday 4 June 2020

Read 2020 - 60 - Chapbook & Magazine

We have another two books for your delight, this time ones I read (see previous post - or don't). I'm counting them as one as the first was #98 in the mini set of chapbooks, We all here stories in the dark, this time the story was The Curtain Falls. I can't really class one story as a whole book read - well certainly not when I am racing through books this year. Other years and I would totally class it. This time Shearman visits the death of an old actor.

The other book - a magazine - is Black Satic #71, published in Sept 2019, so I'm not so far behind with this one.

Linda Rucker's column proved topical. Is it just me, or does the world seem more cosmically horrifying than usual? Oh, you sweet summer child. Ralph Robert Moore's column featured sequels and dentists.

This issue offered my second Sarah Read story of recent weeks (the other one mentioned in the post before last). Diamond Saw offered shades of Alice Lowe's Prevenge. Excellent read. Steven Shiel offered the incredibly creepy Residue. I almost left this story at the mention of a thumbnail. I was eating breakfast. After the death of her brother, Angie has to clean out his flat, but it is full of the stains of him.

I knew that I had not 'settled him in'. I had never seen someone look so unsettled in my life. Sean Padriac Birnie's  Other Houses is a trippy tale of a house, of a family's ghosts and their history, of life after the death of a father.

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