Tuesday 12 May 2020

Read 2020 - 49 - Sanctuary by Robert Edric

Everywhere I went the engines sat at their rest like giant creatures,
hissing and leaking steam and pouring smoke.
Sanctuary by Robert Edric is the story of Branwell Bronte's last year, of his fall into debt and into depression. It is very much a tale of a wasted life in respect to the success his sisters were to achieve, which is lightly touched upon. This is a story of a man who no longer fits easily within his family and who is testing the patience of friends.

Sanctuary is the second book by Edric that I have read this year (the previous being The London Satyr) and I thoroughly enjoyed every word, fair raced through it. After loving the previous book so much, the Bestwick bought this for me in January. He's a love.

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