Saturday 14 March 2020

Read 2020 - 31 - Never Greener by Ruth Jones

Making light of all that pain, giving away not the slightest
hint that they're feeling demolished inside.
I didn't expect to enjoy Never Greener by Ruth Jones, especially as the main characters were both cheating on their marriages. Somewhere along the way, it grabbed me and I needed to know what happened next.
So how did I end up with a book I didn't expect to like? My sister-in-law leant it to me, 'cos my family are awesome like that.
You'll note (okay, you probably won't), that I've skipped book 30. That's because I'm struggling to get into it, but haven't completely given up. It's something that I'm certain I should love - based around Russian fairy tales. I'm about a sixth of the way through. It's also another book that was passed onto me, which makes me feel a little guilty if I don't finish it. The brain is a weird beast.

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