Tuesday 10 March 2020

Read 2020 - 29 - Ten Sorry Tales by Mick Jackson

Someone with less experience might have thought her quite calm,
but Finn could see all sorts of tempers and tantrums
niggling away at her, just under the skin.

Oh, what a delight Ten Sorry Tales by Mick Jackson is. Quirky and heartbreaking, with illustrations by David Roberts that are reminiscent of Edward Gorey. This is not a book you give away*. This is a book you guard with your life.

*I've lent it to a colleague (who, coincidentally, has lent me a book that is my current read). She assures me she will guard it with her life.

This gorgeous book was bought for our wedding by one of the Bestwick's dearest friends (who also played witness and photographer on the day), Vicky Morris. Who is also a brilliant poet and all round awesome person.

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