Sunday 9 February 2020

Read 2020 - 17 - Interzone #274

Another weekend and another Interzone. Dom is obsessed with this magazine. I'm beginning to despair that he'll ever pick a Black Static for me to read. I read issue 274 curled up in my chair by the window and accompanied by several stole cans of Pepsi Max (they're the Bestwick's). I love a lazy Sunday. I should have been hanging pictures in our newly-decorated bedroom and attaching the new headboard, but they'll wait for a not-so-lazy weekend.

My favourite story this issue was Michael Reid's Never the Twain. A beautiful sad, sad story about living two lives, and about dying in one of them. My glasses got a little bit misty. I lie there, listening to the sobbing, feeling like a monster because I can't stop dying.

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