Thursday 11 July 2019

Scary Children

Suffer Little Children by Penny Jones is part of Black Shuck Books Shadows series - a continuing series of mini collections from some of the hottest, upcoming and established names working in horror fiction today.

And in the tradition of small things (my hubby* is five-one if he's lucky), here is a mini review of the collection:

Penny Jones’ “Suffer Little Children” is a collection of six stories centered around children, the horrors of childhood, and the horrors that are children.

It is very well written, engaging, and sometimes twisty, from the traumatic “Beneath Still Waters” through to the heartbreaking “Waxing”. Coincidentally, they were my favourite stories in a collection that has no duds.

I look forward to reading a longer collection of Penny’s stories in the near-future.

*cheated and put a link in for my hubby's Black Shuck Books** mini-collection (sorry, Penny).
**did it again

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