Thursday 1 October 2015

Fly 777

The delightfully wonderful Priya Sharma tagged me in the 777 challenge.

Priya's story Lebkuchen is out next year in Paula Guran's anthology Beyond the Woods amongst writers such as Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Gardner Dozois, Peter Straub, Jeff Vandermeer, Angela Slatter...

Here be the rules:

“Take a current WIP and go to the 7th page, and then go down 7 lines, and then post the next 7 lines."

This snippet is from my novel, These Eyes are Blind, of which I am currently working on the second draft:

Marjorie watched Keira as if she expected something more of her. Keira dropped the locket into her pocket and picked up the grabber. 
“What was that, dear?”
“What was what?” 
Marjorie meant the necklace, of course. She’d had her nose pressed to the window throughout but didn’t want to admit to it. The steam from her breath would still fog the window.

I am going to cheat and tag my Bestwick (who interviewed Priya last month).

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