Sunday 22 December 2013


CROOK has decided that if he keeps running around the room at GREMLIN SPEED (which is very, very, extraordinarily fast) then he can move the room to Finland. Then, the cold air will freeze her throat. He seems to forget that it will FREEZE us too as SHE never has the heating on.

Apparently, when she was little, they didn't have much money and had to wear seventy-two jumpers and four pairs of mittens and there was no roof on their house. She now thinks she lives in a palace, which explains the ROYAL TEMPERAMENT. We also think she watched WILLY WONKA too many times, which explains the chocolate addiction. 

Oh… She just put out her foot and sent Crook flying into the bookcase. Not a single book wobbled--possibly because at last count there were five hundred and ninety six and a half books on her 'to read' shelf.  

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