Saturday 21 December 2013


Reject is swinging from the bony legs of the skeleton that hangs from her notice board. They both appear to be having fun. HER MAJESTY hasn't even noticed. Hunched over the keyboard, staring with intent at the screen, while occasionally clicking the mouse--we think she's ACTUALLY writing. We must stop her.

REJECT is putting even more effort into his swing. LOOSE JAWS are clacking. Crook is laying PUSH PINS on the floor, but so far, only Treacle has stood on them. Treacle's yelping hasn't disturbed HER HIGHNESS, who keeps muttering something about Renta Claws and blood spiders.

At least she's not singing. 

This would be the point, where Her Majesty would say 'touch wood; don't want to tempt the gremlins'. Should be changed to 'touch wood; don't want to tempt Her Ladyship'.

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