Saturday 14 December 2013


Wheeze read about night terrors while sitting on HER MAJESTY'S shoulder (she seems to think we're PETS). Tonight we're going to be her NIGHTMARES. Crook is busy making TERRIFYING masks out of bits of her discarded hair and from eye shadows and lipsticks stolen from the bottom of her make-up bag. They're almost as SCARY as she is.

Don't tell anyone but SHE'S our nightmare.

It's no wonder the Gremlin King, WESTFICK has gone MAD--he sees her without make up and has to nod his head and say 'yes dear' when she blathers on about nonsense.  One day we're going to find him tied up in a corner of the office wearing nothing but fairy lights and gibbering about chimneys, roofs and a monster in a red outfit. 

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