Tuesday 17 January 2012

The Travelling Theatrical Tour: On Dreaming the Impossible

Today's stop on the blog tour is Aaron Polson's blog where I talk about aiming for the seemingly impossible and never giving up despite the odds. One of Aaron's latest publications is 'This House was Never a Castle' which appears in Shimmer magazine - a hard won and much deserved achievement. The post is titled "The Travelling Theatrical tour: On Dreaming the Impossible."

I've known Aaron for a few years now and I'm a huge fan of his work. In fact, once upon a time I started the Aaron Polson Fan Club (you will find the proof on the bottom right of this blog). I'm still the president and I'm sure Natalie Sin is the treasurer. I don't think we have any funds though, or cool things like badges or bookmarks. He should sack us. Aaron has a ton of books available to buy at Amazon (and possibly other fine retailers) - my favourite is The House Eaters.

Thanks again to Aaron for allowing me to invade his blog.

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Aaron Polson said...

Thanks for popping in for a visit (and the kind words), Cate. Cheers!

Cate Gardner said...

Thanks for inviting me over, Aaron

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