Saturday 7 January 2012

Charles, Me and Books

I've spent part of this week answering interview questions (many thanks to the interviewers) and one of the questions was 'what inspired/who influenced your writing'. I had a whole list of things and people who I thought probably influenced me, but until today, I'd forgotten Charles Addams. Luckily, thanks to Google celebrating his birthday, I remembered him just before I finished my final interview.

Phew! No one wants the ghost of Charles Addams rising up, hunting them down, and strapping them to an electric chair. Well not at the weekend anyway.

Along with the Pan Horror Books, The Addams Family was my introduction to horror. And in The Addams Family's case, my introduction to quirky horror. My first weird influence. So Happy 100th, Mr. Addams.

In other news, Deborah Walker's story Chit Win is up at Daily Science Fiction. I'm going to save it for my Sunday morning read. Everyone should read a short story on a Sunday morning. And it's accompanied by stunning artwork by Alan Bao.

Over at Bloody Bookish, I'm this months' Into the Bloodlight author. They're hosting a competition where you can win either a signed hardback or a signed paperback of Theatre of Curious Acts. It's really easy to enter - you only have to comment. During the month there'll also be a guest post from me, an interview, and a review.

The guest blogs will continue on Monday (ooh, the suspense), but here is some linkage to any you may have missed:
Freedom at TTA Press
Inspiration at Deborah Walker's blog


Aaron Polson said...

I was more of a Munsters kid and unfortnately didn't discover Mr. Addams's work until adulthood.

Happy 100th indeed.

You're everywhere this month, Cate. Happy travels!

Cate Gardner said...

I loved The Munsters too. The Addams Family was always number one though.

I suspect I shall get rather annoying soon, Aaron. I shall hibernate in February.

Anthony Rapino said...

Yup, I go for the Addams first, then Munsters. Although (and I hate to even admit this) but I had no idea they were created by Charles Addams. :-O I know! What kind of horror fan am I? Sheesh.

Cate Gardner said...

To appease your guilt, I have no idea who created The Munsters.