Thursday 10 November 2011

Barbed Wire Hearts - The Competition

First off - a mad happy dance that is slightly more scary than the book to your left.

Barbed Wire Hearts is now officially on sale -  hardcover and eBook - and can be purchased at DarkFuse.

Here be the blurb:

Eddie Stock's heart dislodges from his chest, drops to his bowels and dribbles down his thighs when the girl he likes laughs at him. Well the girl he likes and his entire school year. Finding himself in a forest, which has mysteriously sprouted about his town, Eddie meets a man named Ghoate.

Ghoate collects hearts. They hang from his ceiling and they rot within his jars. Ghoate also collects minions and it appears Eddie is his latest recruit.

Elsewhere in the forest, a dead girl is waking. Rose Lovering's heart wasn't strong enough to allow her to live and isn't weak enough to end this living death.

Can Rose help Eddie regain his heart and save their town? And, can Eddie save her?

And to celebrate the book's release I'm running a competition (well that'll make a change) where you could win...

THEATRE OF CURIOUS ACTS - ARC (book is due to be released December 2011)
NOWHERE HALL - one of the contributor's copies of my sold-out chapbook

And what do you have to do to win - buy Barbed Wire Hearts (hardback or ebook) and send me an email at saying you'd like to win one of the above prizes. If you've already bought it - thank you - let me know so I can enter you in the competition. Unless of course you'd rather not have a chance to win an arc of Theatre (are you mad!) (note to self: do not abuse possible readers/entrants).

So a recap.

1. Buy Barbed Wire Hearts
2. Send an email to saying you'd like to win one of the above prizes (and if you have a preference let me know - although if everyone wants the same prize it will be on a first, second and third basis - or if you already own one of the above let me know)
3. Closing date is December 1st 2011

Oh and Aaron Polson and Katey Taylor, you guys are already entered as a thank you for being Barbed Wire Hearts first readers - you rock.


K.C. Shaw said...

Ooh, wonderful! Happy bookday!

Deborah Walker said...

Cool competition count me in.

Anthony Rapino said...

Done and done! Congrats on the release. :-)

Danielle Birch said...

Yay! I have my copy.

Graham said...

Nice competition,would make a good gift