Saturday 1 October 2011

Swimming with Awesome Fishes

I am delighted to announce that my short story, Too Delicate for Human Form, has been accepted by Dagan Books for their fish anthology.

I am also delighted to say that I managed to keep it a secret for two whole days, no hints or anything. This may be a record and I'm sure I deserve a reward even if it's self-gifted.

I am further delighted to be sharing a TOC with Camille Alexa, Amanda C Davis, Corinne Duyvis, Claude Lalumière, Ken Liu, TJ McIntyre and many other awesome folk. The official table of contents are below and the anthology is due out February 8th, 2012.

Alexa, Camille “The Skin of Her Skin”
Bernardo, Matthew “The Fish-Wife’s Tale”
Blake, Polenth “Thwarting the Fiends”
Darrach, Shaw “I Know a Secret”
Davis, Amanda C. “O How the Wet Folk Sing”
Dixon, Paul “One Let Go”
Duyvis, Corinne “The Applause of Others”
Englehardt, Megan “Anansi and the New Thing”
Fleming, Sam “What the Water Gave Her”
Fuller, Andrew “A Salmon Tale, 2072”
Fullerton, H.L. “The Fish Are There On Land”
Gardner, Cate “Too Delicate for Human Form”
George, Zachary “You, Fish”
Hendrix, Sarah “Never to Return”
Kane, Tim “Vanity Mirror”
Kneeland, Andrea “Becoming Human”
Kwak, Jessie “Needlepoint Fish of Azure City”
L’Orange, April “Quick Karma”
Lalumière, Claude “Xandra’s Brine”
Liu, Ken “How Do You Know If a Fish Is Happy?”
McBride, Tracie “The Touch of Taniwha”
McIntyre, T.J. “Did the Catfish Get a Flat Head?”
Nakayama, Timothy “Fallen Dragon”
Naquin, R.L. “Kisses In the Snow”
Obedoza, Mel “The Fisherman and Golden Fish”
Palmer, Suzanne “Laternfish In the Overworld”
Povey, Jennifer “Water Demons”
Rambo, Cat “The Fisher Queen”
Romasco-Moore, Maria “Fisheye”
Ruby, Jacob “The Talking Fish of Shangri-La”
Shvartsman, Alex “Life at the Lake’s Shore”
Spencer, Ariyana “Fish Tears”
Unger, Vivian “A Fish Tail”
Wood, Mike “The Last Fisherman of Habitat 37”
Zup, Andreea “Maria and the Fish”


Andrea Allison said...

Congrats!! A zillion gold stars for you. :)

Anthony Rapino said...

Whoa! Super-sweet, Cate. I hope one day we get to share some pages. :-)

Love the title.

Corinne said...

I'm so excited to share a ToC with you again, Cate! Nothing like hanging out with your friends between the pages of a book.

Cate Gardner said...

I shall stick them to my wall, Andrea

Ditto, Anthony

Me too, Corinne :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats Cate. Ive been looking forward to this anthology for a while (Carries a find editor) even more so now.

K.C. Shaw said...

Ooh, congrats! That's a nice TOC too.

widdershins said...

Snoopy Happy Dance for you!

Aaron Polson said...


Katey said...


... that is all.


Deborah Walker said...

That is a really incredbile line-up, Cate. Look at all those names. Sure looks like a great anthology.

Cate Gardner said...

Thanks, Richard. I've wanted in a Dagan Books anthology since I read the awesome Cthulhurotica.

Thanks, Kate

Thanks, Widdershins

:D Aaron

Double that yaaaaay, Katey. Especially as it means I get to work with you and Carrie :D

It does, Deborah

Michael Stone said...

*thumbs aloft* Nice one, Cate. I'll have mine in breadcrumbs, please.

Danielle Birch said...

Yay! Congrats.

Simon Kewin said...

Fantastic stuff, Cate.

Ray Cluley said...

Fintastic plaicement, Cate, congrats and Cod bless.

Anonymous said...

Very, very cool. Pardon me; I'm feeling a little seasick with envy. =]

Barry Napier said...

Congrats! And oh my, what a gorgeous cover!

Cate Gardner said...

The puns are killing me guys :D

Mercedes M. Yardley said...

YAY! Of course, I think that you have a stunning title. You always do. :)