Monday 19 September 2011

Life of a Writer of Weird: Little Shop of Dentists

Booking a dentist appointment today was too easy. One) they gave me an appointment for next week (and I didn't even mention my toothache) and two) they gave me one for the magic time of three o'clock which means I don't have to ask to leave work early or hang around until the appointment time. The dentist is so going to greet me with a chainsaw. Maybe I should take my dentist eating plant...

...or my stalker.

On the way home from work I gained a familiar. I stopped to pull an umbrella out of my bag and a black cat crept up beside me. It tried to walk in front of me but I started walking at the same time. So that I didn't trip, I stepped back and told it to go ahead and cross my path. It did, but maybe a cat can't curse (or shower you with good luck) unless it walks in front of you without permission. Which it then did for almost the rest of my journey.

Other Monday news included a desire to add a Glokenspeil to my WIP, an appropriate 'beak' for 'break' typo as my story has a bird theme, a contributor's copy (While the Morning Stars Sing) and payment for an upcoming story, and several sneezes.


Aaron Polson said...

My copy of ...Morning Stars came last week. I shall have to read a Cate Gardner story soon.


Anthony Rapino said...

Oh, definitely bring the dentist eating plant. Or maybe your new familiar. Or both? Well, anything to help. Yeah, I hate the dentist.

Simon Kewin said...

Such a shame your appointment wasn't at 2:30. It always cheers me up when I get that one.

Cate Gardner said...

Ditto in reverse, Aaron

And the dentist hates us, Anthony

Are they less sadistic at 2:30, Simon? :D

Sage Ravenwood said...

I agree with Tony, definitely need the familiar.

As for dentist...there's a reason so many horror tales exist about them. They always seem as pain inducing as the pain we want alleviated. (Hugs)Indigo

K.C. Shaw said...

Maybe the cat is really your dentist and he was checking you out before your appointment. Won't you be surprised when you go in for your appointment and there's the black cat!

Actually, I wouldn't mind if my dentist was a cat. He couldn't talk to me and expect me to answer while my mouth was full of his fingers and torture instruments--er, dental tools.

Katey said...

My cat does that crap to me all day every day. "Lucy, I'm TRYING to go to the fridge, get out from under my feet!"

Cats are jerks. Sorry you had to have one for your familiar, too :D

Also, haha, Little Shop of Horrors Dentist. <3

Andrea Allison said...

Not a fan of the dentist. So, a dentist eating plant may be good to take with you.

My familiar died a few years ago. I'm still taking applications for a new one. Such a daunting task.

Cate Gardner said...

I suspect my dentist puts water in her Novocaine needle, Indigo.

I would totally freak if my dentist was a cat, Kate. Freak, freak, freak.

I suspect cats don't like me, Katey

This was my first familiar. Rather odd in all, Andrea