Tuesday 21 June 2011

A Post of Many Things

I knew the people I followed and interacted with on Twitter were several shades of awesome, but they shone last night throwing a myriad of marvellous advice at this technophobic idiot. I'd downloaded the edits for Nowhere Hall and spent the day commenting on the editor's changes and saying what I agreed with, what I didn't agree with and changing things, then I closed the file and went to email it to the editor. Only wait, I couldn't find the file. I'd saved to the downloaded file rather than creating my own file in Word and my computer swallowed it into its nether regions never to be seen again. Serious panic attack until I gave up the hunt and decided to re-do the edits today. Thankfully, I remembered most of my comments and felt doubly sure about them after a sleep.

Aaron Polson announced yesterday that Amazon had made his book 'We are the Monsters' available for free and that he'd had over 6,000 downloads since. Although, I'd much prefer he was making loads of cash, I know that readers are Aaron's number one priority, so if you haven't previously read any of his work, now would be an excellent time to discover him.

And over at the Fae Awareness site (run by KV Taylor and Mark Deniz) they are running a competition in which you can win a chapbook. The competition is only open for a couple more hours and the link is here... And don't forget there's still plenty of time to enter my Spectral Press competition.


Anthony Rapino said...

Well, I'm glad things worked out anyway. i usually like to let edits sit overnight too. I've found out (the hard way) that when I'm excited about something, I may not think it through completely.

Oh, Aaron's news = superawesomesauce. I can't fathom having more than a few people actually read my work, but over 6,000? So cool.

Cate Gardner said...

Isn't it fantastic news. I hope all 6,000 read the book and fame and fortune follows.

Aaron Polson said...

(the number is pushing 12K, now)

I've killed to many files in the last few days--or I should say the lightning has. Going to be shopping for a new computer...


(and man am I glad I got a copy of Nowhere Hall before they were all going, going, gone...)

Aaron Polson said...

er, too many files.

I think I've deleted some in my head as well. :\

Danielle Birch said...

Oh, the horror of losing edits. I'm so glad you remembered them.

Cate Gardner said...

12K - bloody hell (and bloody awesome), Aaron.

Me too, Danielle.

Katey said...

Cate, does this count as an entry? I've seen loads of links, but not many comments on the blog to let us know--so if this is, I'll put your name in the hat :D

Thanks for the signal boost <3