Monday 28 February 2011

This was the month that...

...I wrote for me.

Monthly Word Count: 23,766 words
Yearly Word Count: 48,818 words
Best Day: 3,641 words
Worst Day: 50 words in theory, but it was an editing day so I'll go for... Friday 11th Feb and 237 words
Days Off: One (Niece & Nephews birthday - there was cake and Megamind and sword fighting)
Acceptances: 1
Rejections: We don't talk about Fight Club, erm I mean...
Determination to Succeed: Flatlined

New Short Stories:-
With Ghost Butterflies in her Hair (1800 words)
Of Wrecks, White Noise and Abandoned Beaches (1400 words)

Plus 17,623 words of Barbed Wire Hearts and 3,624 words of The Ghosts of Folding Time.

Things found lurking in the pages of the above: Driftwood, Ghost Butterflies, Sarcophagus, Blood Spiders, A Goatish man, Stolen Doughnuts, Grandfather Clocks, and a kiss.

Current WIPs: Barbed Wire Hearts (novella)

Last line of February 2011:
She rushed back to the counter, sprinkled sugar and wrote, 'I love you mum. I love you dad,' in its dust.


Anthony Rapino said...

Damn, you're on a hell of a roll. I can only claim a fraction of your word count to date.

Writing for you is the way to go.

Michael Stone said...

Cool stuff. Wish I was half as productive. Oh wait...turns out I am. 20k written so far this year. That's not as bad as I feared! Thank you! Oh, and cake and sword fighting? Excellent reasons to slack off imho. :)

Katey said...

I believe it was Stephen King who said to write the first draft with the door closed, for yourself, right? :D

Kick ass year so far. *knocking on wood*, don't worry!

Barry Napier said...

"A Goatish Man" sounds like an awesome title in and of itself...

Mary Rajotte said...

I bow down to you. I am not worthy :)

Kara McElhinny said...

beautiful :)

Danielle Birch said...

A most productive month :)

Unknown said...

I was wondering where my words went. They've defected across the ocean and have cuddled up next to yours. Very well. You've won this round my productive enemy. :)

K.C. Shaw said...

You are burning it UP on that wordcount. And the acceptance is nice too!

Cate Gardner said...

You're right, Anthony. I am on a hell of a roll -- down the slippery slope to madness. Weeeeeee.

Plus your first draft stuff is like my third draft stuff so you are at the equivalent of 60k, Mike.

I always listen to the King, Katey. Must be my British genes ;)

Oh no, don't tempt me, Barry.

No one is worthy, Mary

Thanks, Kara.

And yet it doesn't feel like it, Danielle. The numbers make things seem prettier than things were.

Gef, no words are safe from me.

I set fire to a dictionary, Kate.