Monday 8 November 2010

Nowhere Hall

Spectral Press are now taking pre-orders for the first three chapbooks. More details here.

Also, Simon Marshall Jones, the publisher has released the blurbs for the first three chapbooks. You can read the blurbs for Gary McMahon and Gary Fry's bound to rock chapbooks here. And you can also read the blurb for my chapbook 'Nowhere Hall' there too. It's like I don't want you to hang around my blog today. Go here, go there. Trust me, I want you to stay. I always want you to stay. But I don't want you to stay at 'The Vestibule'. Cue Twilight Zone music.

Now as I've just finished Gina Ranalli's awesome 'Praise the Dead', I'm asking myself should I read Gary McMahon's 'Pretty Little Dead Things' or Gary Fry's 'The House of Canted Steps'. Both are looking at me. It's quite disconcering.

Now that dreadful NaNoWriMo catch up, and this time we have double the agony...

Sunday's Word Count: 3,374 + 613 (other projects)
Today's Word Count: 1,995 + 149 (other projects)
Total Word Count: 15,556 + 1286 (other projects)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the letting people know about this, Cate! =D


Aaron Polson said...

Yay! I have some cash burning a hole in my proverbial pocket...

Cate Gardner said...

You're welcome, Simon :D

You need to stop stealing money from Satan, Aaron.