Saturday 6 November 2010

Dead Words Rambling

Watched the first episode of The Walking Dead last night. Hell yes. If you've seen it--WTF! Zombie crawling along the grass. God bless modern special effects. I think I'm seriously going to heart this show.

Not so certain about The Event though. It's all a little too determined to confuse. Its making me question my rather confusing WIP. I mean, dystopian sci-fi, timetravel to the 1920s, a journey to the wall at the end of the world and now some rather creepy horror. Make your mind up book and for goodness sake, simplify. I tend to twist my words into so many knots I mystify. Of course, six days into NaNoWriMo it's a little late to change so I'm hoping for an axe-murderer edit.

Today's Word Count: 1180 (uh-oh! Blame Beetlejuice)
Total Word Count: 10,187 (yay, passed 10,000 word mark) / 523 (other projects)

NaNoWriMo thoughts today: Am I sure I have a plot for this? Or are those 41 'supposed mapped out' scenes just nonsense?


Unknown said...

That show is awesome. I've read through the first 12 paperback issues of the comic, and they have done an excellent job so far.

Its amazing how they can get away with so many headshots and graphic violence. I love AMC for that. Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are the best shows on network TV right now.

Fox Lee said...

I was sick of "The Event" before it even hit the air. Too many fucking commercials : P

Word verification: cating

Anonymous said...

No cable TV, so I'll have to check out the DEAD online--or wait until it comes out on DVD. The previews have looked mighty fine.

Aaron Polson said...

The source material (the comic) is a-maz-ing. Glad it's translated well. (no cable here, either)

Andrea Allison said...

Haven't seen The Event but totally love The Walking Dead. Been waiting for a zombie tv show.

Barry Napier said...

Yeah, I had a double dose of Walking Dead last night. Watched Ep. 1 on Hulu at 8 and then tan promptly upstairs to watch Ep. 2. The "scent camouflage" scene may have been the best zombie-horror moment ever.

Also, I am digging the event. I like the confusing stuff. The fact that I am eager to replace the void that no more Lost has left is responsible...

Cate Gardner said...

Now I need to google Breaking Bad, Tony. We don't have that over here...yet.

Ha! Natalie. Love the word verification.

You won't be disappointed, Milo.

Aaron, I sometimes wonder why I bother paying for cable, but then something like The Walking Dead comes along and I'm glad I do. Though most of the time I moan and threaten to cancel it.

Me too, Andrea.

I'm not convinced it's the new Lost, Barry. Mainly because there's no Sawyer or Sayid. :(