Wednesday 4 August 2010

WIP Wednesday - Several Children are Accidentally Eaten

I'm afraid my brain melted at around eleven thirty-three this morning and is currently located in a pool around the photocopier. At some point during the day, I may have fed several children to a hungry mayor but it turns out the paragraph was a little topsy-turvy and all came out right in the end....undigested.

Fred currently stands (well, more often sits) at 13,590 words. He's trying hard. He'd appreciate beer, but I'd rather you sent him chocolate.

Other things from this week: back to work after ten days holiday (hence melting of brain); finished the first draft of a short 'Self Portrait of a Dead Girl' and have left it hanging on my memo board washing line (which is a genuine line with jingle bells attached); read J Kathleen Cheney's Afterimage (original published in Baens) - excellent futuristic detective story; ate chocolate (crap, wasn't supposed to admit to that last one).


Barry Napier said...

Nice to know Fred is still around!

Fox Lee said...

"Accidentally" eaten, my ass! ; )

Andrea Allison said...

I hope Fred likes M&Ms. It's all I got.

K.C. Shaw said...

With everything else you've done, you deserved the chocolate. In fact, I think you deserve another piece.

They're not chocolate children, are they?

Rebecca Nazar said...

Never be ashamed of chocolate hoarding or gorging.

Cate Gardner said...

And hasn't morphed into Ernie, Barry :D

Natalie, I confess. :D

Andrea, he doesn't. :(

Kate, one day I'll probably write a story where everyone is made of chocolate. I suppose they'll melt.

Rebecca, I'll stand firm.

Aaron Polson said...

Awww...Fred. There's a microbrew around here that makes a chocolate beer. I'm not going to touch it.

Mercedes said...

I'm charmed by your line with jingle bells attached! That seems like such a whimsical yet concrete way to see what you're working on.


Katey said...

Yeah Aaron beat me to the chocolate beer idea. Chocolate beer sounds bad, but chocolate STOUT actually works pretty well. And I am not one for sweet stuff in my beer.

Compromise. Yeah.

Self Portrait of a Dead Girl

I think I need that. Just saying, it sounds like something I will drool over.

Angela Cerrito said...

I'll send the chocolate ..if you send out a search party for those children!!

Cate Gardner said...

I wouldn't touch it either, Aaron. It sounds a world of wrong.

Very whimsical indeed, Mercedes. As all good things should be.

Thanks, Katey.

Angela, they're all accounted for, please send chocolate immediately.