Saturday 21 August 2010

Memorial Fund

For those outside the US (like myself) interested in how to donate to the memorial fund set up by Jamie & Ann Eyberg's family for their children, Aaron Polson (editor of Strange Publications) has offered to forward the money for you. Check out his blog, the link is below.

Aaron Polson: Casting a Wide Memorial Net

Many thanks to Aaron for doing this as I (and I'm sure many others outside the US) felt at a loss as to how we could contribute.

It always seems kind of flippant when I say I love my online friends and I'm sure my family have thought it a slightly ridiculous concept until this week. I can't deny, Jamie's death left me heartbroken and I know it left many of you the same. Almost-normal service should be restored on my blog next week (the usual trivial news, writing updates etc) and I'm sure I'll be back twittering soon, but at the moment, I haven't the heart to be sparkly and ridiculous or whatever my tweets usually are. In the meantime, I hope you're all staying well and enjoying your families.


Corinne said...

*hugs* When something as awful as this happens -- it's hard to process. Take your time. Definitely don't worry about Twitter or blogging right now.


Anonymous said...

It's been a weird, rough week.

Katey said...

Everyone has to catch their breath (and put their heart back together) in their own way. Genuine tragedy is overwhelming, but we're here with you on that.

Barry Napier said...

i felt the same way about trying to have an online presence in the wake of this tragedy. However, it did help to spread the word and I know it might sound cliched, but I think Jamie would give us a big PPtttthhhh for abandoning our posts.

But yes, I totally identify with that and look forward to your bright and sparkly return.