Wednesday 12 May 2010

Cover Art Glee: Shock Totem

I wonder if my title will draw Glee fans to the blog. I wonder if the large eyeball will send Glee fans screaming away from my blog.

I don't watch Glee. I love musicals and it seemed my kind of thing, but I couldn't take to it. Maybe I didn't give it enough time. Maybe I gave it too much time.

Anyhow... As you've probably guessed from the gorgeous cover art to your left--by artist Hicham Haddaji-- issue 2 of Shock Totem is almost done. Squeeing, and hoping my squee delights the Glee fans still with us.

I do wish I'd stuck with that show. Or at least watched more than one episode.

Here is the gorgeous TOC for the upcoming issueof Shock Totem.

* To Be Titled: An editorial, by K. Allen Wood
* The Rat Burner, by Ricardo Bare
* Sole Survivor, by Kurt Newton
* The Spooky Stuff: A conversation with James Newman, by John Boden
* Sweepers, by Leslianne Wilder
* Rainbow Serpent, by Vincent Pendergast
* Strange Goods and Other Oddities (Reviews)
* Abominations: Hide the Sickness: An article by Mercedes M. Yardley
* Pretty Little Ghouls, by Cate Gardner
* Messages From Valerie Polichar, by GrĂ¡ Linnaea & Sarah Dunn
* Return From Dust, by Nick Bronson
* Leave Me the Way I was Found, by Christian A. Dumais
* Upon My Return, by David Jack Bell
* Howling Through The Keyhole (Author Notes)


Andrea Allison said...

Nice cover art. Someday I need to invest in a subscription.

Sophie Playle said...

I can't get enough of Shock Totem's cover art. Absolutely amazing. They must have to pay quite a lot for it!

Congrats on your acceptance. I will definitely be ordering a copy of Issue 2.

Simon said...

Very nice artwork. And congratulations. I squee with glee ;)

Cate Gardner said...

It's a worthy magazine, Andrea.

Sophie, it's gorgeous isn't it.

Thanks, Simon. Ha!

Aaron Polson said...


(I must be sick, but creepy schtuff is simply beau-ti-ful)

Congrats again, Cate!

Cate Gardner said...

I be sick too.

Jamie Eyberg said...

That is a seriously cool cover. Glad one of your stories will be stuck under it.

Damien Walters said...

I agree with everyone; the cover is stunning. Congratulations on your story acceptance!

Amanda C. Davis said...

Look at all those people I like in the TOC! I'll be getting this. :)

Cate Gardner said...

Me too, Jamie

Thanks, Damien. Those guys at Shock Totem rock - but then, you already know that.

Amanda, It is a pretty TOC.

Rabid Fox said...

Crap. I thought this was about my super-favorite show, "Glee." Way to mislead me, Cate. :)

Honestly though, congrats on the upcoming pub. I like the title--"Pretty Little Ghouls." I'm sold.

Katey said...

It is beautiful indeed-- and I have no doubt will surpass the first issue in awesomeness inside. Can't. Wait.

Cate Gardner said...

Gef, then my evil plan has worked.

Katey, me too.

Alan W. Davidson said...

I could here the squees clear across the Atlantic, Cate. Nice to see your name in the ToC.

Fox Lee said...

I watched two episodes: you're not missing anything.

K. Allen Wood said...

Catey-poo! (ducks slap) Thanks for the pimpage. Looking forward to hearing thoughts on the stories in this issue.

It's a bit different from issue #1, you know. These stories are all a bit weird, surreal, you know.

It'll be fun, anyway.

K. Allen Wood said...

And yeah, I just said "you know" twice in a row. And now I'm rhyming. Got a problem with that?

Cate Gardner said...

Thanks, Alan.

Good to know, Natalie. And I suspected as much. :D

As long as I don't start rhyming, Ken, we should be okay... As to the poo thing, don't do it again. :D

Steven Pirie said...

See, I said in my review of issue 1they were anti-British (or pro-American). And now you're in.

I'll accept payment in cream cakes.

Seriously, I look forward to reading it...

Danielle Birch said...

Great cover and I love your title.

K. Allen Wood said...

Oi! And we have TWO Australians, and an American who lives in Poland. Not quite the same, but close enough.

And if you call us anti-American this time, issue #3 will feature all American Harry Potter fan fiction.

Cate Gardner said...

Steven, from Sayers or Greggs.

Thanks, Danielle.

Ha! Ken. Sounds like a plan.

Steven Pirie said...

...Anti American... siounds like a challenge, Ken, to see if I can coerce you into the all Swahili writers edition. :-)

Cate... no, Marks and Spencers, of course...

Cate Gardner said...

They use too much butter. I much prefer a Sayers Fondant.

Anonymous said...

I wanted "Pretty Little Ghouls" the second that I read it. You can only imagine my delight when I went back afterwards and discovered who the author was. ROCK ON, Cate! :D


Cate Gardner said...

That fills me with happy. Thanks, Mercedes.