Wednesday 10 February 2010

WIP Wednesday - Here There Be Words

I feel as if I should whisper this post just in case I wake the internet fairies who are sleeping behind my wastepaper basket. They've been dozing for a couple of days now, and their hibernation has allowed me to restart my YA, Grim Glass Vein. I spent the weekend reminding myself of the plot and cringing at the story threads that led nowhere. I'm grateful for the time away from the book and the things I learned while rewriting Theatre at the end of last year. I'm going to set myself a daily goal sheet later, they normally help me stay on track and I do like to compete against what I thought I could do and win. I'm aiming to finish this draft by March 31st and then I'll put it aside while we decorate--groan--and do a final edit in April.**

I've also started a rough draft - handwritten, gulp! - of my next YA, Cobweb Strings of the Rotting House, which needs a catchier title, but that will do for now. So far, I've written a massive two pages. Try not to be jealous. Originally, Cobwebs was supposed to be a novelette that I wanted to send to a spectacular editor who is planning a chapbook line. Alas, 'twas not to be... Until of course, my plans swerve. Because plans always swerve.

**Note to Carrie Harris, please do a synopsis give-backery competition thingy in April and let me win. I am willing to bribe.


Aaron Polson said...

Even your "needs a new title" titles beat mine to a bloody pulp.


Barry Napier said...

2 pages on a new novel IS quite a feat. I's also, in my opinion, the funnest part. Best of luck!

Katey said...

What Aaron said.

Also, I love a little distance from a project. It's so weird how things work themselves out when we're not putting pressure on them, isn't it?

Fox Lee said...

Stories want us to think they'll be short and sweet: then they suggest a meatier plot, maybe another couple of characters ; )

Danielle Birch said...

I love the title. I think you should keep it.

K.C. Shaw said...

Two pages is a good start! It's certainly better than zero pages. Good luck with it!

Jamie Eyberg said...

I love the way your mind wraps up the reader in titles. It is amazing.

Cate Gardner said...

Aaron, sending bandages across the Atlantic.

Barry, not when it's handwritten in rather large handwriting. ;)

Katey, I'm normally too impatient to wait so it was good that I was forced to put it aside.

Natalie, they like to let us know who's in charge.

Thanks, Danielle.

True, Kate.

Thanks, Jamie.