Tuesday 10 November 2009

Something Fishy Going on Here

Ah, the wonders of procrastination. Aptly, the below image reminds me of Aaron Polson (not in a 'he looks or smells like a fish' way, but probably because of his fish stories). Struggling with my WIP Short story Fairy Tale Reality, and having no idea how to end it, the image on his NaNoWriMo blog post today provided me with much needed inspiration on how to end the thing. Ah, the power of a single weed... Again, that is not a reference to Mr. Polson.

NaNoWriMo Prompt Words:
Blue Collar
Pasting Letters
Walking Main Street
Rearview Mirror


Anonymous said...

Pisces rock, pure and simple.

Hmmm, "Splitsville". I could do something with that...


Aaron Polson said...

Would you believe I am a Pisces? True story.

I guess the fish thing makes a little more sense, huh?

Jamie Eyberg said...

Skipping Frogs. I wonder if that is anything like skipping rocks on the water, or do the legs get in the way?

Fox Lee said...

Now THOSE are some well dressed carp.

Ray Veen said...

I just hit your follow button. Which is weird because I thought I'd already done it before.

Henceforth, I'd like to be referred to as 'Mr. 47'.

Katey said...

I think of Aaron when I see goldfish now too.

That image is amazing!

Kate Shaw said...

Those fish have some bad habits--smoking, drinking, hanging out on land.

I'd like to write a story now called "Frogs in the Rearview Mirror," but that sounds like something you'd write better and faster than I ever could. :)

Cate Gardner said...

Mercedes, cool. :D

Aaron, it does.

Jamie, have you tried it yet?

Natalie, and they're a little steampunky.

Mr 47, done.

Katey, isn't it weird?

Kate, I insist you make that the first short story you write in January.

Carrie Harris said...

Good luck with that short!