Monday 2 November 2009

The Insane Workings of a Writer's Mind

A second day of writing prompts and a confession that yesterday's prompts drove me to write a wee piece of insaness that is currently titled The Scenic Path of Human Artefacts and which will be visiting an editor near you very soon. I apologise to said editor in advance and put all the blame on the prompts.

In other news, I finished reading through Theatre and fixed as many typos as I found... We all know there are more lurking, right? And as the publisher is going to be away on holiday until November 20th, he has given me leave to get it back to him then... Phew, another read through etc etc etc. I be very nervous.

Horrific by ~einen on deviantART

Dead Man's Suitcase
Hole in Shoe
Dripping Tap
Magnifying Glass
Barefoot Servants
Iron Lung
Climbing the Walls
Evil Encore
Eject Button
Flashing Light


Aaron Polson said...

Again, such lovely titles for your creations. Even your post titles inspire!

Jamie Eyberg said...

Now I really want to work an eject button into the story. I wonder if I can retrofit one into a 1984 Chevy truck?

Alan W. Davidson said...

"Barefoot servants" has really sparked my imagination, Cate. I'll try to work that into the story...

Katey said...

I'm loving the prompts-- they're such a cool combination of simple and Out There.

Good luck with the proofreading. If you want help with it, drop me a line-- but I'm sure you've found any little typos already. It'll be perfect!

Cate Gardner said...

Aaron, :D

Jamie, every novel should have an eject button at some point.

Alan, cool. :D

Katey, I thought I'd found them all and then Mum circled a few for me. Sigh! Those blighters refuse to go away.

K.C. Shaw said...

So you've got until the end of November to worry? :) I'm sure everything is perfect!

I love your prompts. I think I may have to start working some of them into my project. Do pirate ships have eject buttons? Seems like that would be useful.

Cate Gardner said...

Kate, ooh eject buttons seem very popular.

Fox Lee said...

For some reason I read "bacon" instead of "encore."

Tuonela said...

You're all mad. Keep it up!

Tyhitia Green said...

Wonderful. I love the eject button concept. :-D

Danielle Birch said...

Iron lung :)