Saturday 14 November 2009

Empty Frames

-you still remember me- by ~nailass on deviantART

NaNoWriMo Prompt Words:

Psych Ward
Private Parking
Enough Rope
The Old Woman
Downward Spiral
Last Call


Aaron Polson said...

Enough rope. I seem to have just enough rope to hang my writing today. ;)

Lovely and surreal.

Fox Lee said...

It's especially surreal whilst strung out on Dayquil.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Right about now, I've got to like "downward spiral."

Katey said...

Yeah, I always have enough rope. The universe is kind enough to make sure of it.

I really like these prompts. Man. I need to write something! (But I will go to bed instead. Probably. Right.)