Saturday 1 August 2009

Obligatory Post

We interrupt the usual 'Somebody Else Saturday' post with an end of the month post because:

a) I forgot to do the round up of the month yesterday.
b) I am up to my chin with 'Somebody Else' this week ie I've spent the past 4 days researching my family history and I quit, quit, quit. I thought I'd done most of the legwork three or so years ago when I ordered birth/marriage/death certs etc and checked out census reports but I left all my research in such a mess it's been a bugger to set straight. And now I've done what I did before - quit. :D Weight lifted and all that. Of course, my office is strewn with paper and certificates. Shudder.

Anyway, let's get to that beast known as July.

Sales: 1
Publications: 2 (Fantasy Magazine and EveryDay Weirdness)
Approx Word Count: approx. 8053 words
Total Word Count 2009: 131,014 words
Stories out in submission land: 17
WIP: The Horrifiques - 1045 words - letting it run around my head awhile.

This month, I finished the rewrite of 'The Drawing of Dolls', sent it out to agents, instantly hated my query letter, breathed a sigh of relief when I got a full request though fully aware the letter still sucks.

Wrote one short story - Somewhere Dead Things Fly.

Onward to August.


Alan W. Davidson said...

Wow, busy girl. 131K words for the year and 17 stories out on submission. You'd almost think that it was a F/T job for you!

A few years back I was researching the family tree. I found that ordering the certificates from Edinburgh got on the pricey side. Met a fellow in Ottawa online researching the same branch and was very helpful with information.
I, too, had to set it aside (until retirement?) as it was a very time consuming mystery.

Aaron Polson said...

A fine month, Cate. Any month with a full request is a little exciting.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Sounds like a very good month, much more productive than mine.

Anthony Rapino said...

If I wasn't so lazy, I'd research my family history too. Is that for a book or story?

This reminds me, I'm off to write out a July Stats post.

Anthony Rapino said...

And congrats on the full request!!!

Unknown said...

Impressive month! I only wish I were as productive as you.

Katey said...

I second what Aaron said about the full request-- that's huge and awesome! (And probably means the letter is awesome, too. But god, I always hate my queries after I send them out.)

And it was a productive week otherwise as well, even with the addition of family tree research. I always think that sounds like fun in theory, since I love making lists and organizing scattered information. But from what you say, I'm kind of glad I have an uncle that did at least one side for me already...

Fox Lee said...

August: may its long, sweaty days be filled with inspiration.

K.C. Shaw said...

I can't work on my family tree stuff because my sister-in-law borrowed it three years ago and she lives across country. I guess I could ask her to send it to me, but somehow I just haven't gotten around to it. :)

You had a good month, especially considering the full request! Fingers crossed!

Cate Gardner said...

Alan, I've been lucky. A lot of other people have done the legwork for me and posted the information on :D

Aaron, the word 'hope' is a powerful thing even when the word 'less' is attached to it. ;)

Jamie, all the beginning of the month, the last 10 or so days have been complete poop.

Onipar, just for the family.

Jenn, boy do I have you fooled. ;)

Katey, nope query letter definitely poop, I only got the full request because he remembered The Poisoned Apple-and that's not necessarily a good thing. Oh dear!

Natalie, no sweat here. Plenty of rain though.

Kate, I say let your sister in law keep the stuff. ;)

Danielle Birch said...

Outstanding word count.

Barry Napier said...

Best of luck on the full request!