Saturday 18 July 2009

Somebody Else Saturday - KV Taylor

Post Subtitle: Where's Wes Craven when you need him?

After a week of 'look at me, look at me', it's time to concentrate on someone else for the weekend. Drum roll please. The victim this week is KV Taylor, you can call her Katey.

I already knew Katey was super cool, not only does she know a heck of a lot about dead composers and dead artists (for which we could point at her and call her a zombie lover, because although they're dead, their souls continue - did someone just vomit at the back), but our Katey also follows the hippest new bands and is a comic book geek.

Cool, hippest - just set me up a room in the geriatric ward.

Anyhow, when she posted a previously published story, Lime Green Closet, on her blog a few days ago, I figured it would be an enjoyable lunch time read. What I didn't expect was to carry it to bed with me. Now I don't mean I lay there looking at the closet worrying about monsters (or white paper in the dark). For one thing I'm a Brit, we don't have closets in our bedrooms. Well most of us don't (we ignore the rich). The one we do have (we call our closet a cloakroom) lives at the bottom of the stairs and was giving me no cause for worry at all.

A pause for you to digest my rambling. Hope the glass from the computer screen didn't scratch your throat.

While fighting insomnia, I began to replay the story as a Twilight Zone episode and thought it would make a good creepy movie. I mean expand on it, and write the screenplay already. Oh right, she's working on a book (The Resurrectionists - of which you can read snippets every Wednesday on her blog), but I'm sure she has time to ring around Hollywood or some cool Japanese studio and get this story made into a movie for me.

And to end the abuse of Katey, she's also a Morrigan Books twice published author. You can find her short stories in the anthologies, Voices and Grants Pass. I'd say go check her out, but most of you know her already.


Aaron Polson said...

Wonderful pick! Let's here it for Katey!

Unknown said...

very nice of you cate! good job kv!

and what do you mean you don't have closets in your bedrooms? i don't understand.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Grants Pass looks like an awesome read. And such good company Katey keeps in the ToC. Yet another wonderful pick.

Katey said...
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Katey said...

(Had to remove that post 'cause I couldn't edit in the last line!)

Holy crap.


I'll just sit over here and blush. You're so sweet, seriously.

ETA: Also, Franz Liszt is my Dead Boyfriend. Total zombie lover :/

Cate Gardner said...

Aaron - she most definitely rocks.

Samantha - From what I can tell, most US houses and flats have walk in closets - we don't. Sob!

Jamie - I can't wait to read that antho, it's such a fantatic premise.

Katey, I loved writing that blog post.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Total couldn't have picked a better subject (victim) Cate!

Fox Lee said...

She's one of my favorite bloggers (you too, of course!)