Tuesday 16 September 2008

Heading towards The End

WOW! I just had a writing spurt. I mean steam coming off my fingers and everything.

After spending the last two days writing and rewriting the first page of The Poisoned Apple II (the title is starting to sound like a Bad Hollywood Sequel), I've moved onto page two (which is now part-way down page 4 in the new draft) and found a whole paragraph of 66 words that I didn't need to change one word of. I typed and I typed, oh and what a joyous feeling. I tell you, I'm in obsession mode.

In other news - I've written two new shorts (Strange Tooth and Rosalind Red Stands in the Snow) which are out in submission land*. And I'm working on another story (untitled as yet) for a semi-secret project.

Off to cram a fresh cream meringue in my mouth so that I can't blab.

*A fearful place.


Carrie Harris said...

Oh yes, the dreaded first page. Almost as bad as the dreaded first line!

Can't wait to read it!!!

Jamie Eyberg said...

Cool them fingers off. you deserve it.

Fox Lee said...

It must be my english blood: those meringues sound delightful and I don't even know what they are!

PS: Ying actually calls things like cookies crumpets. A product of the HK British School system!

Mary said...

Oh, yum; I haven’t had a fresh cream meringue in what feels like YEARS. Bet it was delicious!

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Cate. You've been nominated for an I Love Your Blog Award! By me!

K.C. Shaw said...

My gawd, how do you find TIME to write all those shorts? I am in awe! And congrats on your breaththrough with The Poisoned Apple 2! (Is it subtitled The Electric Boogaloo? Because that makes every sequel better.)

Fox Lee said...

You have been nominated for an "I love your blog" award!

Cate Gardner said...

Thanks for the awards, guys.

And Natalie, meringues are just yumsome!