Friday 5 September 2008

First Lines

I stole this one from Camille Alexa as it looked like fun. Plus I needed an excuse not to work on my current story.

Here are the rules:

List the first lines of the last 20 stories you have written:

1. Have you ever kissed a decomposing corpse? - untitled WIP.
2. “After the attempted robot revolution of 2017 we buried our robots in the oceans. - Cyclone of Painted Shells.
3. The carpetbagger climbed onto the back of the wagon taking with him Thomas Eagan’s bones. - Lazarus Jones' Creepy Carnival of Corpses.
4. Gold teeth shone as a pirate climbed out of a black cab, saluted a garden gnome and then clambered up the hill to Between House. - Trench Foot.
5. It was one of those accidental resurrections. - The Restoration of Purple Curtains & Other Things.
6. Vern Gobel won by a margin. - Nobody Smiling.
7. There’s a curious robot poking around my thoughts. - Curious Robot.
8. Rule one in the Doggett Household - don’t throw spitballs at Uncle Eric. - Uncle Eric's Leather Bound Tale.
9. When Daniel Borgfeldt told Marie Pickens, he wanted to see her dance he didn’t mean from the end of a rope. - Hand Scratched Note.
10. Not everybody wants to be famous. - Ugly Duckling.
11. The plastic lizard floated on its back in the stagnant pool of rainwater. - A Strange Artificial Light.
12. A crowd of humans gathered about Cappuccia. - The Coffee Fairy.
13. Dead Man Irwin Scherzer was in fact fifty-eight years living. - Chasing Alice out of Wonderland.
14. Artie wanted to look his best for the meeting with the Golf Club Secretary. - The Flat-Packed Golfer.
15. Alice peeled the Band-Aid off her forehead. - Cold Coffee Cups & Curious Things.
16. A flyer drifted a hundred feet down into the pit where Mack Johnson leant against a dribbling rain pipe, and where the giant Tarasov Baranowski folded paper. - Manipulating Paper Birds.
17. I want to say it was a face. - Beneath a Hungry Sky.
18. If the cracked eggshell in the centre of Fog Street was an indication of the size of the monster then it was tiny. - Sneakers on Asphalt.
19. The sombre giant bowed his head as the procession of funeral cars arrived at St. Bartholomew’s. - Through the Warped Eye of Death.
20. The field of red berries floated on the surface of the flooded bog. - The Dreadful Guise of Red Berries.


Jamie Eyberg said...

you're on. You will see my list before the end of the weekend.

Fox Lee said...

Tempting. My Dead Science story is roughly 1/3 finished and I'm running out of steam. Why do I mess with zombies?

Jamie Eyberg said...

I ran into the same thing with my dead science story. I just couldn't get it to go anywhere. List away!

Ed Wyrd said...

What makes you think I even HAVE 20 stories?

Cate Gardner said...

YAY, other players.

Ed - make them up. :)

Rich said...

Hi Cate,

Good to see that your writing is cracking along nicely. I can't believe you just have 20 stories like that - how damn prolofic are you?

Take it easy.

Rich (aka Rocket)

Carrie Harris said...

I think number 6 is my favorite! And no way I could do this one...

Angela said...

Loved reading your list #5, 8, & 18 were favorites.
I'd read 'hand scratched note' because i LOVE the title!

Fun list!

Aaron Polson said...

All are sooo good. You've got great voice, Cate. I really enjoyed 5,7,9.

Cate Gardner said...

Rich - How's it going? Hope you're racking up the acceptances.

Thanks for reading guys. :)

Unknown said...

Number 19 was my favorite, and number fifteen gave me goosebumps because I know that's the one for Malpractice - and whatever's beneath that band-aid is NOT GOOD. Cheers, Cate!