Thursday 14 August 2008

Cheers Ed!

Ed Pahule inspired this post with his post about old cartoon shows from when he was a nipper.* I only knew one of them so I'm thinking it's the Atlantic divide (or perhaps just me). Yep, probably me.

*nipper=small person in Liverpool

Anyway, here are some of the shows I loved as a child.

Jamie and The Magic Torch (and now I have a nephew called Jamie - YAY!)

The Flumps


The Wombles


The Addams Family

The Munsters

And one for Ed...


Aaron Polson said...

Yay Dangermouse!

Brenda said...

I loved the Adam's Family and Mister Ed! I still catch myself "snapping" the them theme song to the Adam's Family...

Cate Gardner said...

I could have listed at least a half-dozen more. Doing this post really did bring back some memories.

While I couldn't watch some of the shows now with the same enthusiasm, I could watch and watch and watch The Addams Family.

K.C. Shaw said...

Dangermouse! Dangermouse is awesome beyond belief! My brother got the box set last year for Father's Day (from his wife, who knows him well), and now his three little boys are Dangermouse addicts too. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't heard of most of these. Rentaghost looks neat, though.

Cate Gardner said...

There's a Dangermouse box set. :)

Barry, you possibly don't know some of the shows as they're British. Though I'm sure you've heard of at least two of them. :)

God said...

Man, I loved me some Dangermouse back in the day. What was that fat little chipmunk's name? Penfold?

Good quality stuff.

Cate Gardner said...

It was Penfold!!! I always thought he was soooo cute, but then I'm a girl. ;)

Ed Wyrd said...

Ha. Ha. Mr. Ed. Hardy har har. :)

Actually, I loved that show as a nipper.

I'm glad I inspired you, Catherine. Now I think with your inclusion of old TV shows, it's time I did one of that sort. Tit for tat as they say.

Susan Sandmore said...

Four of these I knew and four I didn't.

Oh, crumbs, Chief!